A community platform that reaches and supports a wider community of patients and their caregivers.


Schizophrenia Research Foundation (SCARF) has been hosting and conducting the International conference every alternative year since 2004 and hosted the 7 th edition of the conference from 8 th Sep to 10 th Sep 2016 at Chennai.


The Dementia Resource and Training Centre, called DEMCARES (Dementia Care in SCARF) is an integral part of Schizophrenia Research Foundation (SCARF). In India it was shown that in 2010 there were 37,00,000 people with dementia and this number will grow to almost 80,00,000 in 2030. The prevalence of dementia among those aged 65 and above is approximately 5%

The project provides clinical care and support services for persons with dementia and their families. To make an appointment please call on 044- 49539768 For more information you can e- mail us at

SCARF- Media Awards

SCARF organised the fifth edition of the awards and winners of this year’s Media for Mental Health awards.

Letter from the Director
How your organization can help
A great beginning: Mental Health Café

Avvaiyar Award’ for the year 2016

Padmabhushan Dr.M.Sarada Menon, Founder member receives the ‘Avvaiyar Award’ for the year 2016, on 19th July. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa gave away the award to Dr. Sarada Menon.

Understanding Schizophrenia (A SCARF Film) – Tamil

Vocational Rehabilitation Workshop Report

Employment and productivity are important domains of human life. When a person with severe and enduring mental illness loses his or her skills to work, vocational rehabilitation is offered as part of the treatment plan to enable the individual to become a contributing member to the family again ……

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